Jared Gould – Staff Sargeant(ret.) U.S. Army

Jared Gould – Staff Sargeant(ret.) U.S. Army

Such an amazingly blessed day! Build today was for Jamie and Jared Gould and their children. Jared’s Mom and Dad and Jamie’s Mom could not have been sweeter! They jumped in a helped us all day!

Thank you very much for our volunteers from United Bank who did a great job! Thank you to Bill HOWERTON who jumped in to foreman for Mike. A huge thank you Dave who showed up with his tractor and saved us hours of wheel barrel loading. Finally, Thank You to Eric and Kenna Hunter who volunteered with us for the day.

Our builds would not be possible without the help of our wonderful sponsors. Thank you to the sponsors of this build!

Moore on the Outside

Bonnie Plants


United Bank

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