Therapeutic gardening for Veterans and First Responders injured in the Line of Duty and/or those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS)

At A Glance

FrontLine Gardens supplies participants with a raised or elevated bed garden at their personal residence. But we don’t stop there, as each garden comes with a custom therapy program in partnership with a vet center or a law enforcement trauma therapist.

FrontLine Garden’s unique program provides our participants complete privacy as they navigate through our application process. An applicant’s personal information (such as their name, picture, or testimonies) will be shared only with the applicant’s request and express permission.

In 2020, we started Frontline Gardens to give back to our Heroes who served on the frontlines of the battlefield, and for those law enforcement officers on the frontlines here at home.

Featured Build

Real Heroes and Their Real Stories

We love to share stories and testimonials from our participants, members, and partners. Each, of course, is shared with full permission and is a part of the therapeutic process.

Richard Finks

Richard and Jane Fink aka Dick and Jane. We have been married for 44 years, Dick is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. He doesn’t really talk

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Tammy Pederson

My name is Tammy Pederson. I joined the Marine Corps in 1989.  My dad, a Marine, served during the Korean War – I knew I’d

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