Our Process

How We Make Our Gardens

Items Needed for Builds

A lot of time, care, and materials go into each and every build we do. Although every build is unique to the Veteran, below is an example of the materials we use to accomplish each build. 

Compost/ Soil

Gardening Books

Plants/ Seeds

Treated Lumber

Power Tools

Flag Poles

Wood Screws

Garden Tools

How to Receive Help From FrontLine Gardens

Participation is limited to currently serving or honorably separated Veterans and First Responders.

Participants awarded assistance from FrontLine Gardens shall be currently seeking or being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

FrontLine Gardens shall not deny participation based on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or national origin.

New Participant Intake

Prospective participants should contact current board members or Advisors in-person, telephonically or electronically to learn more about the organization.

Prospective Participants

Must submit an application to be voted on by existing Board members at a regularly scheduled meeting. A majority vote is required by the Board before participants will begin receiving assistance.

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