Jimmy Zoss

Jimmy Zoss

I am from South Dakota. Grew up working and living on the family farm. Youngest of 12 children. I went to Country School in a one room schoolhouse. At 19 yrs, I was drafted into the Service of the Army. I went to Fort Bliss Texas for bootcamp.From there I went to Fort Polk in Louisiana. I left on an airplane in 1968 to Vietnam.  I went with the 25th infantry. I was there for the TET Offensive. Received 2 Bronze Stars for bravery. Left Vietnam with a rank of E-5. I was sent to Fort Carson in 1969. I got married and move to Denver Colorado, worked in a Packing House. Throughout the years we moved and worked in number of places. I t was hard to settle down with PTSD. We finally made Pueblo, Co. our home. I worked with the Vietnam Veteran’s programs and groups at the Pueblo VA. In January 2020, I fell and injured my spinal cord. I was transferred to the VA hospital on the Spinal Cord Injury Center in Denver. For therapy we (the staff and other veteran’s), planted a garden. Which I really enjoyed. I am in a power chair, which makes it difficult to do outside activities. The opportunity, was offered to me for an ADA garden. I was shocked to have this opportunity. I appreciate everyone involved in this project. I will be able to work outside in an ADA garden.

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