God’s Direction

God’s Direction

When you start thinking about starting a non-profit, you do it for several reasons.

1. Gods direction
2. A drive to serve
3. A drive to give back
4. A drive to connect with a community and/or a need.

I can tell you, all 4 of these came into play. There is a lot of volunteer hours, work, money, and prayer goes into the process. There is a process to set up a board, policies, procedures, bylaws, people, and personalities. There are start up cost, insurance, legal fees, filling fees, and administrative expenses just to get everything in place. Then there’s COVID….All of this has to come together in a perfect storm to make it happen. There are times in the forming process, things can get overwhelming and you question, am I doing the right thing, is this the right time, should we do this at a later date!

Then….. GOD….. not even quietly….. taps you on the shoulder and says keep going… Well we have…. and we are here! I’m going to share with you in the next post a testimony from our first veteran recipient. I asked him for a Bio send what he sent me was a God directed testimony. It humbled me to my knees tonight and I have to say, I have never been prouder of my board for all their hours put in to get this launched, and to this young man for being able to share his journey with the world as he is moving forward. This is why we do what we do! If you would like to know how to support us on our mission, please pm me and I will send further information. We will have more processes coming out soon! God Bless! – Stephanie Trost

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