Joe Gaulton – US Army Veteran

Joe Gaulton – US Army Veteran's Story

Thank you, Frontline Gardens, for honoring me with the gift of garden planters and hope. I was paralyzed in 2006 during my service in the United States Army. I essentially overworked my body and a portion of my spine lost blood flow. As a soldier I was taught not to quit. Now I know you should listen to your body and take care of it and have a do not quit attitude instead. I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force. I joined the service straight out of high school and planned to make a career of it.

I am paralyzed from the waist down, so traditional gardening, is out of the question for me. Due to the incline, it is not possible for me to even get in my back yard. One day maybe I can get back there safely with a power chair but even then it is a long way to the ground to attempt a garden. A container or raised garden area is the only real option for me. That would not be something I could really attempt, to have built on my own, without this gift.

These planters can be put on my deck, so I can get to them easily. Frontline Gardens are building the planters so the height is easy for me to really enjoy them. I am looking forward to having a job to do and seeing the plants grow on my own. When my family cooks, my job is peeling and chopping. I know it is going to be a new pride to peel veggies that I have grown.

Having these planters at the right height will allow me to watch my new vegetables grow and care for them my way. This pandemic has been so limiting for me. The things I tried to do before the pandemic are no longer available, so I am stuck at home day in and day out. Having my own garden along with therapy gives me something at home that I can do. For the first time in a long time I am excited about something. I look forward to seeing my plants grow.

I want to thank everyone involved for helping me not feel forgotten. It is so easy to get in your own head and not see your own value. I appreciate the Jack Daniels planters, herb box, seeds and support I feel from Frontline Gardens. I could not have built them on my own, so thank you to the builders. I also want to thank Mayo Gardens and Ellenburg Landscaping and nursery for the gift of plants to help me get started in my new planters. I will do my best to send pictures of my new garden.

Sgt. Joseph Gaulton

Sgt. Joseph Gaulton