Laura and Milton Kingsley

Laura and Milton Kingsley's Story

I joined the army when I was 17 in 1979 on the delayed entry in high school. I did my basic and AIT in Ft. Benning. After AIT I stayed between Ft. Benning and Ft. Bragg unassigned . My M.O.S was 11 hotel so I trained several guard units on the TOW missile system and received my airborne wings while at Ft. Benning. I did TDY in Panama where I got my jungle warfare patch. I TDY in Thailand at Korat  Air Force Base. Then in 1982 I did 4 years in National Guard in the 169th Combat support regiment. Where I made rank of sergeant E5. I was platoon sergeant for the anti armor platoon. Finished out my almost ten years of service in reserves.